Iben Isabell Krogsgaard




Hibiscus boy is a performance that looks into the myth of the regular, and tells of the love, the hospitality, and the fleeting relationships that arise between strangers in a bar - a place where everyone is an observer and is observed at the same time.

Hibiscus boy follows the stream of thought set in motion by the bartender's boredom, and a longing for the regular to change the atmosphere in the bar by his mere presence. No one knows his name or who he really is. He always orders the same and through his influence, he changes the character of the place, and the guests, almost imperceptibly starts ordering the same as him. Among the bartenders he is known as “Hibiscus boy”. Whenever he shows up, he orders the same. He drinks slowly. Cava with hibiscus flower.

Iben Isabell Krogsgaard works primarily with installation, performance and sculpture, with a particular focus on sculptures made from plastic in combination with various mediums like glass and digital weaving. Her artistic practice is about telling stories that aim to reflect and observe the absurdity of today´s society.

Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (b. 1993) from Sjøverstø, Tvedestrand is graduated from The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UiB and Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU. She currently lives in Bergen where she works as a visual artist. She has exhibited at Høstutstillingen 2018 with the artist duo USIKKERKUNSTJENTE, in collaboration with Alexandra Jegerstedt. Krogsgaard has also shown work in Bergen Kunsthall, ARTendal and Agder Kunstsenter.

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