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It could probably useful to know that I have worked with the exhibition and the publication in parallell. And that I, to connect them, switched the titles around. This means that gråtende cowboy originally was the title for the text and tørke was the title for the exhibition. But this is no longer the case. When it comes to the use of the English word cowboyin the title, this is simply because there is no similar word in Norwegian (unless you count kugutt, which is just ridiculous). When I worked on the English version of the publication, I realised that I could not pronounce the word droughtDrying is pretty much the same word, but still just a little different. Since I find it worse being unable to pronounce than accepting something which is a little different, the title for the English version of the text is drying.

Hordaland kunstsenter is excited to conclude this year’s program with a solo presentation by Ingrid Furre. She is a Norwegian artist and poet who has studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Malmö Art Academy. Her presentation at Hordaland kunstsenter will consist of an exhibition and a publication of new poems, articulating an artistic practice that is fuelled by form both through language and objects. gråtende cowboy is her first solo exhibition at a larger Norwegian institution.

Ingrid Furre has previously exhibited at Obra, Malmö; Dan Gunn, Berlin; Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm; Vigeland-Museet, Oslo. She was awarded the Aase & Richard Björklund scholarship from Malmö Konstmuseum in 2014 and Edstrandska Foundation scholarship in 2015. Furre was also the recipient of the Iaspis residency in Mexico City in 2015 and a six month residency at Cité internationale des arts, Paris in 2018. She has published three books, from which her latest work Spooningwas published by Forlaget Gestus in 2018.


Hordaland Art Centre based in Bergen, Norway was established 1976 as the first artist run art centre in Norway. Its activities are based around the exhibition programme with equal emphasis on seminars, presentations and dialogue. Since 1987 Hordaland Art Centre has hosted a Nordic residency programme, from 2008 also open to international artists, curators, writers and other art professionals.