Kaeto Sweeney and Josèfa Ntjam




Hordaland kunstsenter has the pleasure of presenting Allegoria by graduate student Kaeto Sweeney and artist Josèfa Ntjam. The exhibition opens at 7 p.m. followed by a performance at 8:30 p.m.

We met whilst studying creative writing together at L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy two years ago. Both of us were experimenting with new ways to tell stories that could mix and layer fiction, poetry and revolutions. Our stories start from a personal perspective of identities. Stories that are not normative and constantly moving. Sometimes we get to choose words for our identities but sometimes others choose them for us. This projection can be both violent as well as reaffirming.

Allegoria is a play on this paradox that evolves through a shared desire to question the distance between art and public and notions of us and other. This exploration leads to the imagining of an alternative present and possible futures - futuribles - regarding the representation of Queer identities and Afrofuturist perspectives within the context of visual arts. 

Allegoria is a first-hand response that attempts to reinstate a language of freedom; to be vulnerable, vulgar and fluid, as an alternative to the exclusivity within academic language and references that we are increasingly using in an artistic context.

Allegoria is a playground for the reappropriation and reclamation of theory to poetic practice within performance, video and installation. 

Allegoria is painted green for a parallel universe to coexist.

You can touch everything that is green. 

Kaeto Sweeney's work has shaped itself around narratology, the different ways we tell stories and the way we receive them. Stories that belong simultaneously personal and societal perspective. He practices this interest within performance and film by questioning beginnings/endings and the use of a projector and green screens both as a technological and as a poetic device. The outcome of this involves public interactions with lots of music loops, Powerpoints, videos, dance, spoken words and various types of cameras. He uses these forms of expression to explore our collective understanding of ourselves, and to create a moment for empathy between artist, art, and public. 

His most recent exhibition LEO+ARIES was shown at Joy Forum, Bergen. 

Kaeto Sweeney lives and works in Bergen where he is currently in the Fine Art Masters program at the Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, UiB. kaetokato.com 

Josèfa Ntjam is interested in mythological and historical narratives, embodied by images that she reappropriates to create new narratives. The images can multiply to be conveyed in various forms - or hybridised - and thus tell yet other stories and deconstruct the notion of authenticity. This approach is rooted in how she relates to the research concept of the Internets: her starting-point is that this concept is not single but multi-faceted. From a visual and conceptual standpoint, her works incorporate references, engaged practices, and screenshots of cosmic and abyssal landscapes. Her productions are always "stories" of insurrection and incantation; each piece is a clue to the worlds surrounding it, which she invents or expires. 

Her work has been presented at the 15th Biennale of Lyon, MAC Lyon (FR); Arnolfini - Bristol's International Centre for Contemporary Arts (UK); Bootleg (US); Galerie Paris-Beijing (FR); Zentral (CH); Palais de Tokyo (FR); Bétonsalon (FR); La Cité internationale des arts (FR); Dakar Biennale (SEN); Art-O-Rama (FR). 

Josèfa Ntjam lives and works in Aubervilliers, France. ntjamjosefa.com 

The MA Week is a collaboration between Hordaland Kunstsenter and the Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, UiB. Twice a year the MFA students are invited to submit proposals for an exhibition to be realised at Hordaland kunstsenter.


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